"Hey brother, just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all your hard work and effort you've put into the Kings of Pieces project.  Thank you sir!"
John LaRose

"My daughter Ellie is a very talented 16 year old with limited experience. Kevin took each song she recorded and made significant recommendations that improved the flow and sound, he didn’t just record and send us on our way. He treated Ellie as if she were a peer, discussing the potential of each song and all the while reminding Ellie that he respects her unique musical talent and that she has the right to override any recommendation. They worked fluidly and collaboratively and the final product is spectacular."
Leonor Perez-mother of Ellie Perez

"After being the drummer, guitarist, and vocalist in studio situations, I can say I was humbled by my experience at Wesmix. Having a good bit of knowledge about the music industry and the recording world, it was perfect to team up with someone who knows how to take any level of talent and amplify it. Not only that, I learned more about recording an album than I ever thought possible. It is already exciting to wake up everyday to go chip away at the album in-progress, but we all have heard stories about a producer ruining it - either with attitude or stupid ideas. Not even close at Wesmix. Kevin basically lets you play the songs the way you want them, then throws in his ideas afterward. Being very possessive of my the music I write, I can really live with taking the helm, then turning it over to Kevin to ice the cake with tastiness. He is open to what the player ultimately wants and will sit patiently with little as 2 bars of music, until it's right and sounds like a hit. Cubane sounds big and we needed GIGANDUOUS in a recording...Kevin brought the big...anaconda-sized-big. I have never had a recording session and come out feeling 100%, like I just ripped it a new one...until now. The best recordings come from a relaxed, low-stress, have a good time type environment. The only pressure is, "You can do better - i know you can." And, that's not pressure, that's motivation. Thanks, Kev for an excellent, top-quality, radio-ready product. To many more..."
Matt Doyle-Cubane

"Before I met Kevin I was in NYC working on my own to put together a 5 song EP. I had spent precious time and hard earned money working with musicians who brought their egos along with their talent and were very difficult to work with. Needless to say, I was frustrated and not happy with my recordings. Kevin was a godsend producer who put together all the elements I needed to capture the essence of my songs. While I am still in the recording process, this project would have never made it this far without Kevin. Not only does he stand by his word, but he has also managed to be in this business while at the same time remaining trustworthy and reliable. Kevin is connected to some of the best musicians out there who actually care about doing their jobs efficiently and who give the artist a product he/she can be proud of. If you are a singer/songwriter or band trying to put together a great EP or record, Kevin will make it happen for you."
Elizabeth Diaz

"I've been in 2 bands and in studio to record 3 seperate projects within those bands.. as a vocalist i was always disappointed not only with the vocal sound i ended up having with previous producers but also with the sound of the music itself... i grew to accept that a live performance would always sound a million times better and i would never have a demo that i felt reflected what i was capable of and what the musicians around me were capable of.. i figured unless you have $200,000 dollars to make a record you were always going to have a product of poor quality. I rarely was proud enough of the end result to play my music for friends especially in other bands... let alone shop around to radio stations or labels.. Kevin changed all that for me. He took our humble budget and worked magic. His attitude is always positive and he finally made the studio fun for me. He would call me late night and early morning to ask me how i felt about this or that .. constantly tweaking the mix and melody until it was almost perfect. The end result was a recording that sounded like it cost 10 thousand dollars a song when in fact we did not have to go broke or sell our gear to create. He is not only a business partner but a friend and an asset to us.. when you sign on with Kevin Wesley Williams your not just stepping into the same old studio scenario, you are singing on for an experience that will take your music, your confidence, and your band to another level.. Trusting Kevin to create our sound in studio was the best decision my band has made EVER.. EVER"
Ricky Turek-Cubane

"When I met Kevin William's I could see he is very passionate about his work in sound and production. I knew that when I heard his 'all knowing' voice through my headphones in the sound booth that I would be very well taken care of. I knew that we would meet somewhere in between the gut of the song and the music skin as individual artists working in sync to find the best end result to each and every song on the project. Not only was he great to work with but one thing I will never forget are Kevin's unique comical comments that would come out every so often and set me sailing in laughter. Kevin came down with me to engineer my sound during the making of my CD, OPEN BOOK at Reba McEntire's Studio in Nashville during the making of my record with Range/Sony. He continued the process when we got back to Phila. to finalize the vocals. His knowledge comes from what is born out of the purest of experience. Kevin has the history behind him to be able to help those who endeavor to learn the truest of what the industry is all about, where it is today and an insight of where it's future lies. Those artists who work with Kevin will without a doubt benefit from what he has to offer in the very competitive world of the artistry in song development and the business it has to procure."
Suzanne Dee Gorman

"Kevin Wesley Williams is a world class engineer who also has the musical side in his chops as well. A great individual to explore music with."
Joe Mass

"Working with Kevin is a pleasure. He's professional, fair, and not afraid to speak his mind. He has an amazing ear and can work with you to produce great sounding, high-quality recordings. This was my first experience in a studio, and KWW was really patient in helping me learn the process, which is something I truly appreciate."
Greg Thomas

"Every session working with Kevin is such an awesome experience. Kevin is the real deal, he has brought the best out of me when working together in the studio. I've learned so much from him which makes me an all around better musician, and that is something I always strive for. I like to refer to him as "Masta Williams", and he's definitely the "5th" member of Core Effect. I can't imagine working with anyone else."
John Germain-Core Effect

"What can I say? Working with Kevin Wesley Williams is a dream for any musician looking to sound like a real professional! Kevin's ear, guidance, patience, creativity, and sense of humor makes any studio environment a better place. I learned more about recording correctly in three weeks of playing with Kevin in the studio than I had in the previous 20 years. KWW for the win, baby! You will NOT be disappointed with the results of this man's work!"
Matt Janicki-Undercast

"Kevin has all the attributes of a great producer, but his greatest quality is his enthusiasm. He gives all of himself to a project and the results speak for themselves"
Mr. Jack Stafford

"Kevin makes outstanding professional recordings! I have worked with Kevin over the past 7 years on 5 different full length albums and would never think of using anyone else. He has been an excellent producer/engineer to work with and all of our songs are truly better from having Kevin Wesley Williams produce, engineer and mix our recordings."
Joe Kehoe- Core Effect

"As a drummer, I'm very particular with my drum sound.... I don't even have tell Kevin what sound I'm looking for... He's on point every mix and every session."
Athear Najor - Core Effect

"Kevin is the complete package. He is a true professional at his craft with an impeccable ear. He is the best engineer that I have worked with thus far in my career."
Ed Jakuboski

"Writing songs is a very personal and complicated process, but our songs are not complete until they have passed through Kevin's hands. Kevin brings out the best in us and will not settle for anything less. He will take your song light years beyond what you ever expected. He is the "5th" member of Core Effect and our friend for life."
Randy Riddle - Core Effect

"Kevin is not only one of the most technical and knowledgeable engineers that we have had the pleasure to work with, but he also has an extremely creative mind and knows how to make all the music he touches better.
He helped bring our band to the next level, and we look forward to working with him many times in the future."
Wilhelm – Methodical

"Working with Kevin has become an essential part of the band. Without him you'll never know what your song is supposed to sound like."
Joe Fortino - Stop the World

"As a classically trained musician, I am always amazed at the depth of musical ideas that Wes comes up while working in the studio. He brings much more to the table than his producing skills- the mixing board is his own instrument."
Elizabeth Knoll

"There's a lot to say...but if i were to do a quote it would that "you make the recording experience as special as it should be in a very comfortable way. You make sure you can make it sound as best as it possibly can. You keep us on task when needed and always have good input during the process. I'm never unhappy when i work with you"
Justin Lombardi

"KWW was great to work with. He created a setting where creativity flowed and he brought some mad ideas to our sound. Awesome guy too!"
Jason Hugh - Dust for Life

" If your looking to have feel Good Music" then Kevin Wesley Williams is the DR.....
Kevin is the first person in the studio and the last one to leave....
he morphes himself into the project and allows it to evolve into something more majical, that wasn't there before.
Kevin is the meat of the coconut..."
Dave Aaron

"After 20 years of recording...Kevin Wesley Williams has produced the best sounding stuff I have been a part of and I hope the next 20 years involves Kevin working with me some more."
Rory McGuinness

"KWW is one of the hardest working people I know. He worked hours on end to finish our project with the best quality in mind because he truly cares about the art. He was very fair and flexible which is a necessity in this business. Rather than just work like someone we hired, he becomes part of us and our project not fearing telling us what works and what doesn't. We developed a great working relationship and a friendship as well. He is a real asset to have working with us."
Steve - Stygian