WesMix Studios is located at the SoundShop at 45777 North Gratiot in Macomb, MI, just north of Hall Road.

Music is all Kevin Wesley's ever known for the past thirty years.  He's toured with headliners from Madonna to Marilyn Manson, and partnered with tons of musicians in his studio to create real music with real instruments. His work speaks for itself.  Kevin takes time to understand every artist that walks through his door and creates industry standard records.  No artist ever has to say "That's not finished yet" or "We're going to add this" when sharing their music.  If he's a part of it, you will want everyone to hear it! 

You're not going to find a cooler, laid back studio in Metro Detroit with affordable rates than the SoundShop!  They have multiple rooms for bands to setup and record live, intimate recording rooms, and a lounge and bathroom that will make you want to live there or chill out with all your friends while doing what you love!

Take your music to the next level!  Give Kevin a call today to kickoff your latest project!